Ilioinguinal nerve

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Nerves of the abdominal wall of man

The ilioinguinal nerve is a nerve that arises from the lumbar part ( lumbar plexus ) of the lumbar cross plexus ( lumbosacral plexus ). It innervates parts of the abdominal muscles and the skin of the scrotum or the labia .


The nerve initially pulls backwards from the psoas major muscle on the quadratus lumborum muscle . Slightly headward to the iliac crest, it pierces the transversus abdominis muscle and then extends downwards between this muscle and the internal oblique abdominis muscle . Like the iliohypogastric nerve, it runs parallel to the inguinal ligament , but within the inguinal canal towards the middle (medial).

Coverage area

With its motor branches ( rami musculares ) it supplies the pelvic parts of the transversus abdominis muscle and the obliquus internus abdominis muscle .

(With the front scrotum nerves scrotales Nervi anterior ) it supplies the skin of the abdomen and in the male scrotum ( scrotum ). The corresponding nerve branches in women are called the anterior labial nerves ( Nervi labiales anteriores ) and supply the large labia ( Labia majora pudendi ). These sensitive branches also take care of the skin on the lower abdomen.


Due to its close topographical relationship to the kidneys , operations on this organ can damage the nerve. Irritation of the ilioinguinal nerve in the groin area can radiate into the kidney area.