New Prussian Nobility Lexicon

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A reference work on the Prussian nobility was published from 1836 to 1843 under the title New Prussian Adels Lexicon . It was “edited by an association of scholars and friends of patriotic history under the board of Baron L. v. Zedlitz-Neukirch ”in Berlin and saw a new edition as early as 1842. A year later it was concluded with a “second supplement”.

The work contains overviews of

  • the history of the nobility and their rights
  • the civil lords and their rights on Prussian territory
  • the owners of the free class lords and minorities in Silesia , Saxony and Lower Lusatia ,
  • the court and hereditary offices in the Kingdom of Prussia and its provinces
  • the conditions of the nobility and its existence in the individual provinces
  • the founders and monasteries for the daughters of the Prussian nobility and their occupation in 1835.

The individual volumes


  • George Adalbert von Mülverstedt : Adels-Lexicon of the Prussian Monarchy by L. Baron v. Ledebur. Berlin. Smoke. 1854. First issue. 80 pages. gr. 8. In: Prussian provincial sheets. Volume 6, Königsberg 1854, pp. 63-83