George Adalbert von Mülverstedt

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George Adalbert von Mülverstedt

Johann George Adalbert von Mülverstedt (born July 4, 1825 in Neufahrwasser , † September 29, 1914 in Magdeburg ) was a German archivist , historian , numismatist and heraldist .


His parents were Johann Karl von Muelverstedt (* 1765) Prussian lieutenant and later salt store inspector and his wife Maria Emilie Schütz (* 1792), daughter of the war council and provincial salt director Johann Friedrich Schütz and Louisa Helena Kunze . His paternal grandparents were Johann Georg von Muelverstedt and Maria Eleonora von Mackrodt .


He attended grammar school in Tilsit until 1844 and then began studying philology at the University of Königsberg . For health reasons, he had to break off and began studying law in 1847, which he finished in 1849.

In June 1850 he took up the position of auscultator for the court of appeal at the Königsberg district court and passed the legal clerkship examination two years later. In his free time he was concerned with the history of the nobility, using archives from the provincial and later state archives in Königsberg. He soon took part in the organization of this archive and created a collection of genealogical data on noble families, the so-called aristocratic archive . From 1855 to 1857 he rearranged the archive of the state estates of the Mark Brandenburg in Berlin (archive of the Brandenburg provincial estates ) and presented a first publication the following year. His work with the title “The older constitution of the state estates of the Mark Brandenburg, mainly in the 16th and 17th centuries” received general recognition.

On April 1, 1857, he officially entered the state archives service and the following year he was appointed head of the provincial archive (later the state archive) in Magdeburg . He held this position until he retired in June 1898. During his tenure he published numerous articles in the journals of historical associations; In the annual reports of the Altmark Association for Patriotic History and Industry alone, he published 37 articles from 1864 to 1906 (without additions and supplements).


For his services he received the House Order of Albrecht the Bear 1st Class (1870), the Red Eagle Order 3rd Class (1896), the Order of the Crown and the Lippe House Order 3rd Class (1898).

In 1865 he was appointed Archives Councilor and in 1877 the Secret Archives Councilor. The Altmark Association for Patriotic History and Industry made him an honorary member in 1888.

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