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Ernst Leopold von Zedlitz-Neukirch (born July 7, 1792 in Tiefhartmannsdorf in Silesia , † October 26, 1864 in Berlin ) was a German writer , statistician and historian .


Freiherr Leopold was a member of the Silesian noble family Zedlitz . From 1803 to 1806 he attended the pedagogy in Halle . In 1812 he joined the Austrian army and received an officer position in the Cuirassier Regiment No. 6 from Moriz Fürst Liechtenstein . He was seriously wounded in the Battle of Hanau on October 30, 1813 and then took up a position as adjutant to Lieutenant Field Marshal Count Johann Nepomuk von Nostitz-Rieneck . In 1814 he accompanied Marie-Louise of Austria and Napoleon Franz Bonaparte on their flight from Rome to Vienna . He returned to Prussia in 1819 and lived independently in Berlin from 1826. There he engaged in scientific studies and literary work. Leopold von Zedlitz-Neukirch became famous primarily for publishing the New Prussian Nobility Lexicon . In May 1852 he was sentenced to two years in prison for homosexual contact.


  • France as a military state under Louis XVIII ten years after the Peace of Paris (1823)
  • Folk tales, stories and poetry (1827)
  • The state forces of the Prussian monarchy under Friedrich Wilhelm III. (1828 f.)
  • Glimpses of Bosnia, Rascia, Hercegowina and Servien in the continuation of the Russo-Turkish War in 1829 (1829)
  • Europe in 1829, A genealogical-statistical-historical handbook (1829)
  • The Free Cities: A Geographical-Statistical-Historical Paperback for Businessmen and Travelers (1831)
  • Guide through the Prussian state to the neighboring countries and capitals of Europe (1831; full text )
  • Scientific explanation of the use of global representations of the earth (1831)
  • Poland. A historical-geographical-statistical pocketbook for travelers (1831)
  • New hydrographic lexicon for the German states (1833)
  • The monument to Frederick II (1833)
  • Pantheon of the Prussian Army. (1835; full text )
  • New Prussian Nobility Lexicon , 6 vols. (1836–1843)
  • From the noble world. Novel (1855)


Individual evidence

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