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Karl Georg Heinrich Bernhard Poten , from 1899 von Poten , (born August 8, 1828 in Celle ; † November 22, 1909 in Berlin ) was a Prussian colonel and military writer.



Poten came from a middle-class family of officers from Kurhannover . His parents were the Hanoverian Major Georg Poten (1799–1882) and Juliane Dorothea Kannengießer (1804–1841). His uncle Friedrich Poten (1779-1845), Hanoverian lieutenant colonel , was raised in 1827 by Grand Duke Ludwig I of Baden to the hereditary baron status . His nephew continued the baronial lineage .


Poten served in the Hanoverian military from 1847 to 1866 . In 1847 he was second lieutenant , in 1854 he was promoted to prime lieutenant and in 1863 to Rittmeister . As such, he belonged to the Hanoverian Hussar Regiment "Queen" with a patent from December 2, 1859. After the end of the Hanoverian Army and its takeover in the X. Army Corps of Prussia, Poten also switched to Prussian services . In 1867, Poten was assigned to the 1st Silesian Hussar Regiment No. 4 as squadron chief . He was promoted to major in 1870. From 1871 to 1874 he was on the regiment's staff and from 1874 to 1884 adjutant at the General Inspectorate of Military Education and Training under position à la suite of his regiment. During this time he rose to lieutenant colonel in 1875 and was given the character of a colonel in 1878 . On November 3, 1884, his resignation request with a pension and permission to wear his previous uniform were granted.

Poten was raised to the Prussian nobility on January 24, 1899 in Berlin .


Poten married Anna Sophie Elisabeth Behncke (1837–1905) in Celle in 1861. From the marriage the son Heinrich Georg Wilhelm Alexander (1863-1920) emerged, who embarked on a military career in the Prussian army and rose to major general .


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Poten has also written numerous individual articles in the Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie (ADB), mostly on officers.


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