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Military weekly
newspaper - independent magazine for the German armed forces

Area of ​​Expertise military
language German
publishing company Middle ( German Reich )
Headquarters Berlin
First edition 1816
attitude 1943
Frequency of publication two times a week
ISSN (print)
Edition of the supplements to the military weekly paper from 1912

The Military-Wochenblatt (initially: Militair-Wochenblatt ) was a leading military specialist journal that appeared twice a week, initially weekly, in Berlin from 1816 to 1943 .


The magazine was founded in 1816 by Colonel Rühle von Lilienstern (1780–1847), head of the War History Department of the Prussian General Staff , and Karl von Decker (1784–1844), head of the topographical office of the General Staff. The magazine received permission from the War Ministry to publish official decrees, orders and personnel reports of the Prussian officer corps. The sheet was printed by Ernst Siegfried Mittler (1785–1870) at the publishing house . The magazine had a large readership. It should inform the army personnel and encourage them to study military history.

In 1824 the General Staff took over the management of the magazine, making it an official organ of the Prussian army. This step was based on a polemic that had appeared in the military weekly . However, the General Staff also saw the journal as a welcome opportunity “to act quickly and decisively on the spirit of the officers and thus on the army” (General Müffling, 1824). In addition to the official news, the main focus of the authors was on the contemporary development of the military. The official task of the magazine was "to contribute to the true training of the younger part of the army officers by an appropriate selection of articles."

From 1843, after the censorship regulations were relaxed, scientific papers only appeared in the “supplements to the military weekly paper” . From 1848 censorship ceased completely, but the War Ministry was still concerned about the maintenance of official secrets and therefore issued regulations for the publication of military articles. The military weekly paper was divided at this time in an official part with personal messages and a non-official part with reviews. This subdivision changed from 1861 under the government of Wilhelm I , who wished that the journal should again take on the character of a military journal. From April 1, 1867, all official notices were published in the "Army Ordinance Gazette" . However, the military weekly became a public magazine again. Management was given to an inactive officer who was assisted by the War Department and the General Staff. The articles and contributions were sent in by officers and published after careful examination.

During the Franco-Prussian War of 1870/71 a daily issue with the current war reports appeared. Another supplement from 1883 on was the “Militär-Literatur-Zeitung” , which contained reviews , annotations and literature announcements. During the First World War the magazine appeared three times a week with news about the course of the war and personnel changes within the army. After the war, the magazine appeared from 1919 under the title “Independent magazine for the German armed forces” and tried to process the experiences of the world war in terms of content. In the 1930s, however, it lost to other military publications such as B. the military scientific review , in importance. Until it was hired in 1942, however, it remained an official organ of the Wehrmacht leadership .

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  1. It was not until 1904 that an official military magazine was published again with the quarterly magazines for troop leadership and army studies .