Newark athlete

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Original title Newark athlete
Country of production United States
Publishing year 1891
length 1 minute
Director William KL Dickson
camera William KL Dickson
William Heise

Newark Athlete is a silent film made in 1891 by William KL Dickson . It is believed that the film was shot in June of 1891. The film served as an experiment for detailed recordings. 3/4 inch film material was used for the film recording.

Movie content

Some scenes from the film

In the film itself you can see an athlete swinging a few clubs.

Background information

In 1894 a remake of the film was made, entitled Athlete With Wand . The film is also called Club Swinger. No. 1 and Indian Club Swingers .

The film is kept in the collection of the Library of Congress , and in 2010 the film was included in the National Film Registry .

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