Nguyễn Lộc

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Grandmaster Nguyễn Lộc (born May 24, 1912 in the village of Huu Bang in the Thach That District in Hanoi , formerly Son Tay Province , in North Vietnam ; † April 29, 1960 ) is the founder of the Vietnamese martial art Vovinam Viêt Võ Dao .


Lộc Nguyễn was born the oldest of five children. His parents Dinh Xuyên Nguyễn and Thị Hoa Nguyễn often moved, partly due to the occupation of Vietnam by the French. They eventually settled near Hà Nội . His childhood was therefore difficult.

Development of the Vovinam

When Lộc Nguyễn was old enough, his father asked an old master of martial arts Lộc Nguyễn to teach traditional martial arts and wrestling. In addition to the ability to defend yourself, this should also strengthen your health.

In the following years he studied the traditional martial arts, wrestling and Far Eastern philosophies.

In 1938 Lộc Nguyễn presented his own style " Vovinam ". After a demonstration in Hà Nội in 1939, Vovinam quickly spread across the country.


With his death in 1960, Grand Master Le Sang took over the management and worldwide distribution of Vovinam.

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