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Famous Dutch people

The Dutch ( Dutch : Nederlanders ? / I ) are a Western European ethnic group of Germanic ethnicity . For the purposes of this article, we are talking about the native population of the Netherlands with a common origin and ethnicity with a common culture and history . They speak Dutch , West Frisian . The Dutch are linguistically related to the Flemings in Belgium. They are referred to as Dutch people as residents or citizens of the lower lands , which refer to the areas that are flat in terms of their geography and located in a low plain - a third of the state is even below sea level. Audio file / audio sample

Spread of the Dutch language

The Dutch and their descendants represent a significant minority in various overseas states, such as Suriname , Canada , Australia , South Africa , New Zealand and the United States . There are around 25 million (born) Dutch people worldwide today.

The largest religious affiliation among the Dutch is Christianity , with roughly equal proportions Roman Catholic and Protestant , whereas the proportion of non-denominational or non-religious people is one of the highest of all European ethnic groups.

The Netherlands is a country poor in natural resources. In the past and to this day, this formed a society that is heavily influenced and dependent on trade. During the so-called Golden Age , the Dutch dominated world trade for around a century, earning them a reputation for being excellent merchants and seafarers.

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