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Bureau of the Census

Seal of the United States Census Bureau
State level Federation
position Statistics agency
Supervisory authority United States Department of Commerce
Headquarters Suitland , MD
Authority management Steven Dillingham (since January 2019)
Servants approx. 12,000
Web presence www.census.gov
United States Census Bureau headquarters in Suitland, Maryland, 2007

The United States Census Bureau , officially the Bureau of the Census ( USCB for short ; German  " Census Office " ), based in Suitland , Maryland, is part of the United States Department of Commerce . It was founded in 1903 and today has around 12,000 employees.

The agency acts in accordance with Title 13 of the United States Code (USC). The head of agency (English Director of the Census ) is the President of the United States proposed and the Senate confirmed. The current director is Steven Dillingham.

The main task of the agency is to carry out the census, which usually takes place every ten years ( United States Census - Population & Housing Census) and the annual American Community Survey . The population of the United States should be statistically recorded at least once every ten years. For example, the distribution of representatives in the United States House of Representatives is based on the determined number of inhabitants . Are also created statistics on geography, population (u. A. Age, income) and economy . It has twelve regional offices , which are temporarily increased for the ten-year censuses. The sole purpose of the censuses and statistics is to provide general statistical information. Answers are recorded and created individually (per resident, company), but only consolidated, general statistics are published. Here, you want privacy a top priority. By law, no data may be published that allow conclusions to be drawn about individual persons, households or companies.

Breakdown of the United States into regions and divisions according to the statistical agency
Breakdown of the Authority's regions and regional offices

The United States Census Bureau is divided into four regions ( US Census Bureau Regions ) and these in turn are divided into a total of nine sub-areas (divisions):

  • East North Central Division
  • West North Central Division
  • West South Central Division
  • East South Central Division
  • South Atlantic Division ( South Atlantic States )
  • Western Region (West)

The last census, the 2010 United States Census , took place in 2010 and the next one is scheduled for 2020.

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