Martin Weller (folk musician)

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Friedrich Martin Weller (born February 26, 1958 in Idar-Oberstein , Hunsrück ) is a German guitarist and dialect singer.


Martin Weller is married and has two children. Main occupation gem setters , he works part time as a guitarist and dialect singer.

After activities as lead guitarist in the bands “Dr. Heff ”,“ Triple-X ”and“ Gletscherklar ”he has only performed solo since 1996 with acoustic guitar and texts he wrote himself in dialect .

His texts mostly deal with humorous or thoughtful anecdotes from the Hunsrück and Idar-Oberstein.


  1. Who through it! ("It's through") (1997)
  2. Eesch senn reesch! ("I am rich") (1998)
  3. Schlaachtfest ("Slaughter Festival ") (1999)
  4. Als weera ... ("always on") (2000)
  5. The most beautiful stories from our Geeschend ( audio book ) (2003)
  6. Live at Schloss Wartenstein (with Wolfgang Wehner) (2004)
  7. Photo album (with Wolfgang Wehner and Roman Alt) (2008)

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