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FCI Standard No. 276
Origin :


Alternative names:

Norrbottenspets, Pohjanpystykorvat

Withers height:

Males : ideally 45 cm.
Bitches: ideally 42 cm.
Tolerance ± 2 cm each


not fixed

List of domestic dogs

The Norrbottenspitz is an FCI recognized Swedish breed of dog ( FCI Group 5, Section 2, Standard No. 276 ).

Origin and history

The Norrbottenspitz is an old farm dog in Sweden that was used to hunt squirrels and game birds . He guarded the house and yard and pulled small wagons. Today he has become rare even in his homeland. In 1948 it was even suspected to be extinct. Through the efforts of breeders, it has been reborn since 1967.


The standard of the Norrbottenspitz provides a size of 45 cm for males and 42 cm for females. His hair is hard, short, straight and rather close-fitting, with a fine and dense undercoat, in many colors, white tones are preferred. The ears are set high, stiff and directed forward, the tail set high, carried in a fairly high arch, loosely rolled.

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