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Now stands for:

  • Well, father of Joshua, the son of Nun , the successor of Moses
  • Nun (Phoenician) , consonant of the Phoenician alphabet, see Phoenician script # Nun
  • Well (Hebrew) ( נון), the fourteenth letter in the Hebrew alphabet
  • Nūn (نون), Arabic letter
  • Nun (Egyptian mythology) , ancient Egyptian god who formed a pair of gods with his wife Naunet
  • Nun (mountain) , 7135 m high mountain in the Himalayas, is located in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir and forms the Nun-Kun massif with the Kun and Pinnacle Peak
  • Nun (river) , the eastern branch of the Niger estuary, forks into the Nun and Forcados rivers
  • Nun-Kun massif , mountain massif in Jammu and Kashmir, India, includes the neighboring Himalayan peaks Nun, 7135 m, and Kun, 7077 m

Now the name part of the following people is:

Ṇun stands for:

  • Ṇun (Sindhi, Punjabi:ڻون now; ڻ), a letter from several expanded Arabic alphabets

NUN stands for:

  • NIN (Sumer) , NIN, NUN (Akkadian EREŠ), in the Sumerian language meant “lady, woman, mistress” and denoted female deities with the addition of DINGIR
  • Nun (Mesopotamia) (Sumerian NUN, Nun; Akkadian rubû; "Lord / Mistress, Prince / Princess"), is used in various functions as an epithet, character and divine determinative

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