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Apple Cake

As a fruit cake or fruit cake is cake called different preparation with fresh or canned fruit.

Fruit cakes with fresh fruit are usually prepared at the time of harvest of the fruit used. However, modern preservation methods also allow preparation out of season.

In Germany, fruit cakes are often served with whipped cream.

Also, fruit tarts , so cakes with fruit topping are sometimes colloquially as a fruitcake called, rectangular pieces of sheet metal as fruit cuts .


Fruit cakes in the strict sense of the word are cakes in which the fruit is baked as a whole ( soft fruit ) or sliced ​​( apples , pears, etc.), depending on the type of fruit used.

Various types of dough are used ( batter , shortcrust pastry , yeast dough ). When preparing with batter, the fruit is embedded in the batter and, with some types of cake, sinks into it during baking. When preparing with yeast or shortcrust pastry, the cake can be blind baked to prevent it from soaking through. The fruit is placed on top after baking and sprinkled with sugar.

In the case of fruit cakes, in contrast to fruit tarts , the fruits are also baked. The fruit can lie open, covered with dough (covered fruit cakes) or, for example, with pound cakes with apple pieces , baked in.

Well-known examples of flat fruit cakes baked on a tray or in round springform pans are: the covered apple cake made from sponge cake , plum cake ( southern German and Austrian plum cake ) made from yeast dough and tarte tatin made from shortcrust pastry.

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