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The Odette International Ltd. is a non-profit organization of several national automobile associations and associations based in London . She advocates standards in the areas of logistics , EDI and partner relationship management.

Odette was started as a project in the 1980s and in 2001 by founding Odette International Ltd. provided with its own legal personality. In addition to the managing director, Odette currently has two other employees who coordinate ongoing projects and organize the annual Odette Conference .

Each of the six national member associations with voting rights has one vote, regardless of the proportion of European automobile manufacturers or suppliers that the respective member association represents. Every member company receives a so-called Odette organization code from Odette, which is an essential part of EDI messages. In Germany and Austria, these are managed jointly by the VDA in Germany.

The name ODETTE originally stood for Organization for Data Exchange by Tele Transmission in Europe, although the written form is no longer officially used due to a change in the focus of tasks.

In the area of ​​logistics, the standardized goods tags for goods deliveries to the production facilities of the automobile manufacturers should be mentioned. The goods tags are stickers on which all relevant data is printed both as a barcode and in plain text.

In the EDI area, Odette was one of the first organizations to standardize a continuous flow of data between automobile manufacturers and suppliers. This has only been replaced by EDIFACT in the last few years . The international standardization of EDI messages in the CAD and CAM area does not take place within Odette, but via the SASIG (Strategic Automotive Product Data Standards Industry Group) .

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