Odo III. (Champagne)

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Odo III. ( French: Eudes ; † 1093 ) was Count of Troyes ( Champagne ), Vitry and Bar-sur-Aube from the House of Blois since 1089 . He was the eldest son of Count Theobald III. von Blois (later Theobald I of Champagne ) from his third marriage to Adela von Crépy, a daughter of Count Rudolf IV of Valois .

Odo is occasionally mentioned with the ordinal number "IV.", The fourth of this name to be recorded in Troyes as a count. Usually it is counted with the "III." Beginning with the union of the counties Meaux and Troyes by Count Robert von Vermandois , which formed the core of the county of Champagne. With Troyes, Odo inherited only one of the counties in question from his father, since Meaux was given to his older half-brother and main heir Stephan Heinrich . With Troyes, however, Odo received the more stable and economically more important part because in Meaux the count's authority was disputed by the city's bishop . No significant political acts have come down to us, only donations to the abbeys of Montier-en-Der , Molesme and the Priory Saint-Quentin in Troyes.

After his death, Odo's younger brother Hugo inherited his property, who in 1102 finally assumed the title of "Count of Champagne".


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Individual evidence

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predecessor Office successor
Theobald I
(Theobald III of Blois)
Count of Troyes,
Count of Vitry,
County of Bar-sur-Aube