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Stove fitter when sanding tiles

Oven and air heating builder (also oven setter) is a professional title for craftsmen who plan, design, build and set (not install) ovens , for example baking and tiled stoves as well as chimneys and similar fireplaces. The older name Hafner (originally general for potters who also made stove tiles) is still in use today in southern Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The surname Hafner is also derived from this.

Association of furnace manufacturers

The registered cooperative of stove builders in Germany is HAGOS eG (Association of German Kachelofen- und Luftheizungsbauerbetriebe eG) with over 1100 member companies. The word Hagos is derived from Hafner and cooperative. Hagos' headquarters are in Stuttgart, and the cooperative also has eight branches and three central warehouses.

Training situation in Germany

The official name is furnace and air heating builder . The training takes a total of three years and takes place in the dual system in training companies and vocational schools. After completing the apprenticeship, attending a master’s school can earn the master’s title .

Training situation in Austria

The job title is Hafner . As in Germany, apprentices complete a three-year apprenticeship in the dual system . The master craftsman examination can be taken after completing an apprenticeship and after reaching the age of 18 . In addition to basic skills, there is increasing demand for knowledge of energy saving and customer advice.

An apprenticeship in Austria that is thematically similar but differs in terms of content and occupation from Hafner is furnace construction and laying technology . The apprenticeship period in this apprenticeship occupation is four years in the dual system . The main focus of the training is the production of (tiled) stoves and heating systems for various types of fuel (wood, oil, gas, alternative energy sources) as well as the use of coverings or ceramic components (tiles, slabs, natural and artificial stones) in floors, walls or steps . Oven construction and installation technicians carry out regular service work, clean and repair ovens and heating systems and advise their customers on energy-saving heating and other energy, climate and environmental issues.

Training situation in Switzerland

The current job title louder in Switzerland furnace maker. In Switzerland, too, training takes three years in the dual system . However, the training takes place at three learning locations: vocational school, training company and inter-company courses in an ÜK center.

Focus of training in Switzerland:

  • General education
  • Occupational safety
  • Material knowledge
  • Area and volume calculations
  • Drawing and sketching
  • Basics of thermodynamics and fluid mechanics
  • Construction technology furnace construction
  • Construction technology chimney construction
  • Combustion theory
  • Various environmental and energy issues

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