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Okay was a music and youth culture magazine broadcast by ORF from 1979 to 1987 . The broadcast date of the hour-long program was the Sunday evening program (6:30 p.m.). From the mid-1980s onwards, it was broadcast every 2 weeks, alternating with Without a Muzzle . From 1985 it was also shown on 3sat .

It was initially moderated mainly by Peter Hofbauer and Vera Russwurm , who was already well known in Austria through the Saturday evening show Tritsch Tratsch . The topics of the program often overlapped with Without a Muzzle , but so-called “ tabloid elements ” were often included in the program of Okay . One of the first issues featured an interview conducted by Helmut Frodl with Wolfgang Fellner about the youth magazine Rennbahn-Express, which he founded . "Okay" was the first ORF series that was produced entirely using video technology as a commissioned production in a private film company. Producing company "RPV Video" - producer and executive director was Ronald P. Vaughan.

In 1987, Okay and Without a Muzzle were replaced by the weekly follow-up program X-Large . In the last issue of 4 October 1987, the newly published album was Bad by Michael Jackson presented and presents the music video for the title track.

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