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Without a Muzzle was a youth magazine of the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation , was shown for the first time on television on April 9, 1967 and ran on ORF 2 until the series was discontinued in 1987.

The name said it all: originally conceived as a discussion program in the studio, current reports highlighted current political and cultural events, and with regard to youth culture , the program was always up to date. For example, in the early 1980s, there was a report about the emerging DJ phenomenon in New York .

The program reported on topics such as squatters, anti-nuclear activists (Austria should get a reactor in Zwentendorf , which was prevented with a referendum ) and politically provocative artists. Back then it was still a scandal: the high proportion of "Langhaaradn" (long-haired people) who were allowed to express themselves here in public. There were artist portraits (e.g. an 80-minute special about Patti Smith at the beginning of her career), detailed concert recordings (e.g. Ian Anderson from Jethro Tull or Frank Zappa in Vienna or the Kinks 1978 in the Vienna Sofiensäle , Bob Dylan's "Hard Rain" concert ( Fort Collins , Colorado , 1976), the Anarchos von Drahdiwaberl ), later also current video clips, films outside the mainstream were presented.

Without muzzle was moderated by editors Rudi Dolezal , Hannes Rossacher , Ernst Grandits , Vera Russwurm , Helmut Frodl , Werner Fitzthum , Karin Resetarits (at that time still under her maiden name Karin Müller), her later husband Peter Resetarits (1981-1987) and Martina Rupp (from 1986). From 1981 to 1985 Harald Sicherheitsitz was also an editor of the show.

The next broadcast was the X-Large format , which from 1987 was first moderated by Barbara Stöckl and later by Christian Clerici and Arabella Kiesbauer .

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