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Arabella Kiesbauer (2007)

X-Large was an Austrian youth and music program that was broadcast on Saturday from September 1987 to 1995 on the evening before the ORF and 3sat . Current youth issues, popular artists and music clips were presented. X-Large first appeared on FS1 on October 4, 1987 . It replaced the series Okay and Without Muzzle , which were broadcast alternately every two weeks at that time and which dealt with music, youth culture and current issues with different priorities.

Content and moderation

The first pair of moderators for the show from 1987 to 1988 were Barbara Stöckl and Dominic Heinzl , who were supported by three other moderators. In 1989 they were replaced by the then student Arabella Kiesbauer (some programs from 1989 were still moderated together), who got her first TV engagement through a casting and presented the magazine until she left Pro7 in 1993. Her partner was Christian Clerici , who moderated the magazine until he was hired in 1995. From May 1991 onwards, the late night show Nightline was added twice a month , in which longer music documentaries were shown, but which also offered space for in-house productions such as the interview series X-Ray . In 1992 the program got another track on Saturday afternoon under the name X-Large-Traveler , which, however, was contested with purchased productions.

Influence on the music scene

X-Large was the first broadcast ( X-Charts ) on Austrian television to report weekly on Austrian and international charts . The respective clips were presented by the moderator in front of a bluebox and a selected clip from the Austrian, British and American weekly charts was played. The music coverage of the show pushed the Austrian sampling scene that emerged around the end of the 1980s and the beginning of the 1990s with projects such as Edelweiss and 1991 the Bingoboys and helped them to become known throughout Austria.


In addition, X-Large launched comedy formats such as the X-Large Futurenews , presented at least annually by Ronnie Eichhorn from 1990 onwards, which cast a satirical look ten years into the future. From 1993 onwards , the program Montevideo, designed by Oliver Baier and Stefan Ruzowitzky , was created in the context of X-Large . This format was broadcast on ORF Eins on Sunday afternoon in parallel with the senior citizens' club on ORF 2 .

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