Onverwacht (Suriname)

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Coordinates: 5 ° 36 ′  N , 55 ° 12 ′  W
Map: Suriname
Onverwacht on the map of Suriname
Basic data
Country Suriname
District Para
Residents 2000 
Detailed data
Waters Jawasikreek
Time zone UTC −3
Diesel locomotive in Onverwacht, December 2008
Diesel locomotive in Onverwacht, December 2008

Onverwacht ( Unexpected ; Sranantongo : Bose ) is the capital in the Para district , on the Jawasikreek in the Republic of Suriname .

Onverwacht was originally a plantation where tobacco was grown in the beginning . It got the Sranan name Bose after the owner of the plantation from the first half of the 18th century, Bossé . After slavery was abolished in 1863, eight former slaves bought the land that was last used as a wood plantation. In 1968 the main settlement area Onverwacht became the administrative center of the Para district and the seat of the district commissioner. The place has about 2000 inhabitants.

Until the mid-1980s, Onverwacht was a stop on a railway line, the Lawabahn , which was built between 1903 and 1912 to develop the gold fields on the upper reaches of Suriname . Originally the route ran from Paramaribo ( Vaillantsplein ) to Kabel , named after an approx. 300 m long cable or aerial ropeway over Suriname. On the right bank, the line continued to Dam . The two places sank in the Brokopondostuwmeer . The last section of the railway still in operation ran from Onverwacht to Brownsweg . The remains of the old diesel locomotive are in Onverwacht. Attempts from the Netherlands in the 1990s to reactivate the railway for tourism purposes were unsuccessful.

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