List of cities in Suriname

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This is a list of cities in Suriname .

By far the largest agglomeration in Suriname is Paramaribo with a population of 240,924. With a total population of 541,638, around 45 percent of the country's population is concentrated in the capital region (as of: 2012 census).

The following table lists the cities with more than 1,000 inhabitants and the district to which each city belongs. The population figures are calculated for January 1, 2005 and refer to the actual city without suburbs.

Cities in Suriname
rank city Residents District
1. Paramaribo 240.924 Paramaribo
2. Lelydorp 18,663 Wanica
3. Nieuw-Nickerie 12,818 Nickerie
4th Meerzorg 12,405 Commewijne
5. Moengo 10,834 Marowijne
6th Domburg 5,661 Wanica
7th Nieuw-Amsterdam 5,650 Commewijne
8th. Albina 5,247 Marowijne
9. Mariënburg 4,463 Commewijne
10. Groningen 2,818 Saramacca
11. Wageningen 2,937 Nickerie
12. Brownsweg 4,793 Brokopondo
13. Brokopondo 4,482 Brokopondo
14th Onverwacht 2,009 Para
15th Totness 2,150 Coronie

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