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Classification according to ICD-10
Q84.5 Enlarged and Hypertrophied Nails (Congenital) - Congenital Onychauxis
L60.2 Onychogryposis [onychogryphosis]
ICD-10 online (WHO version 2019)

The onychauxis (from ancient Greek ὄνυξ ónyx , German ' claw , fingernail '  - see also onyx  - and αὐξάνω auxánō , German 'multiply' ), also wooden nail , is a congenital or acquired pathological change in the nail plate and is characterized by a thickening of the nail without Deformation.

The term does not appear frequently in the medical literature. If there is also a deformation , one speaks of an “onychogrypose” or “onychogryphosis”.


The disease occurs as a symptom :

With syndromes

in the context of syndromes

Clinical manifestations

The appearance is usually slightly yellow and is easily mistaken for onychomycosis or sometimes with a psoriasis nail based on the autoimmune disease psoriasis . Despite the thickening of the nail, the nail is not always stable; it often crumbles when it is cut. Occasional holes can also be seen in the nail (porous surface). However, it is just as possible that the nail itself can no longer be cut because it is too hard or too thick.


The regular treatment of an onychauxis is carried out by a podiatrist , a medical podiatrist with appropriate training. This grinds the nail plate flatter and adequately plans the treatment process.


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