Opština Rekovac

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Rekovac municipality

The Opština Rekovac is located in Serbia in the Pomoravlje district after the city of Jagodina and has (2002 census) approx. 13,551 inhabitants, of which approx. 1930 live in the city of Rekovac . The municipality with an area of ​​366 square kilometers has 32 settlements.


The area around the municipality of Rekovac is called Levac . Levac was first mentioned in documents in the 12th century and designates a principality or a Zupanija (dt. County ) within the Serbian Empire , whose territory is oriented in the east and south on the Morava river and in the west on the Gleditschk Mountains . The northern border almost touches the city limits of Kragujevac . The name Rekovac is derived from an old settlement called Rekavica, which roughly means river town in German.

After the liberation from the Turkish occupation , the settlement of Rekovac was raised to a market town by the Serbian King Miloš Obrenović in 1886 .

Cultural assets

There are seven monasteries on the territory of this parish :

  • Kalenić Monastery from 1415 (with five nuns )
  • Preradovac Monastery from the 12th century (with three nuns)
  • Denkovac Monastery from the 12th century (with a monk )
  • Raletinac Monastery from the 13th century (with three nuns)
  • Ivković Monastery from the 13th century (currently uninhabited)
  • Sarinac Monastery from the 12th century (currently uninhabited)
  • Manastirak Monastery (currently uninhabited)

During excavation work in the Manastirak monastery on June 28, 2006, on St. Vitus Day, the following peculiarities, probably from the 14th century, were discovered:

A team of archaeologists from Kragujevac is currently investigating the excavation site.


The economic power of this region was largely based on a cable factory in Rekovac and an automobile seat manufacturer in Belušić . Since 1991, however, the industry has succumbed to the sanctions from which it has not recovered to this day. In spite of the poor economic situation, agriculture has a high priority; so to a large extent be raspberries grown for several European raspberry jam manufacturer. In addition, vines are grown on a large scale.


Coordinates: 43 ° 51 '  N , 21 ° 5'  E