Orda Khan

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Orda Khan ( Mongolian Орд эзэн Ord ezen ; † according to Abulfeda around 1280) was a Siberian Mongol prince , son of Djotschis and older brother of the important Mongol Khan Batu .

Orda was supposed to be the successor of his father, according to popular accounts, but he left the somewhat younger Batu this dignity and instead shared rule over Siberia between the Urals and Irtysh with another younger brother, Shibani Khan († 1266). In the decrees from Karakoram, his name was still mentioned before the batus.

Up until the beginning of the 1240s, the prince appeared several times as his brother's deputy. B. According to the statements of Carpini and Raschid ad-Din during the campaign in Poland in 1241 or when Gujuk Khan was elected Great Khan in 1246.

The name or title Orda is derived from "Heerlager", cf. Turkish Ordu and Tatar Urda .

Little is known about his wives and children, but numerous Tatar rulers in the following centuries traced back to him: cf. Orda horde .


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