PS (newspaper)

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description Left Swiss weekly newspaper
publishing company PS Verlags GmbH, Zurich
First edition 1999
Frequency of publication weekly
Sold edition 7,047 copies
Range 0.024 million readers
Editor-in-chief Min Li Marti
Editor Min Li Marti
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PS is a left-wing Swiss weekly newspaper . It appears in Zurich and has the subtitle Die Linke Zürcher Zeitung . In 2016 it had a print run of 7,047 copies and a reach of 24,000 readers.

PS presents a book supplement four times a year. The music newspaper Loop is also included ten times a year . Every issue of PS contains film reviews and reports on theater performances, exhibitions and other cultural events. The reporting also focuses on political, socio-political and social issues. There are regular contributions to energy policy. PS is the only newspaper that reports on every meeting of the City Council of Zurich .

Koni Loepfe (long-time President of the SP of the City of Zurich), Nicole Soland and Thierry Frochaux founded the newspaper in 1999. At first it appeared three times a week, then weekly.

The newspaper carried out several fundraising campaigns for survival, for example in 2004 (CHF 50,000), in May 2012 (CHF 95,000), 2014 (over CHF 180,000) and most recently in March 2018 (CHF 160,000) .).

Since the end of 2014, Min Li Marti has been running the newspaper as publisher and editor-in-chief, which she received from her predecessor Koni Loepfe for a cup of coffee.

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