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PDF split and merge

Basic data

developer Andrea Vacondio
Publishing year June 29, 2008
Current  version 3.3.7
(August 10, 2018)
operating system cross-platform
programming language Java
category Editing of PDF documents
License AGPL v3
German speaking Yes

PDF Split and Merge ( PDFsam for short ) is a platform-independent free open source software for editing PDF documents . The system requirement is a functioning Java Virtual Machine on any operating system .


PDF Split and Merge works with plug-ins that are called from the user interface (whether graphical or not) and are each responsible for a specific task. It should be noted, however, that PDF Split and Merge does not change the content of PDF documents in any way, only the page arrangement. The plug-ins take on the following tasks, for example:

  • Split PDF documents based on a specific number of pages, into individual pages or according to file size
  • the merging of any number of PDF documents into one
  • rotating individual pages
  • the visual sorting of the individual pages within a document
  • the visual compilation of new documents
  • saving the working environment in order to be able to continue working at a later point in time from a certain point

Apart from the first, which is only included in the so-called enhanced version, the functions mentioned are already included in the basic version and are also available for the Linux distributions of Ubuntu , Debian and Arch Linux .

In addition, there is a chargeable "Enhanced" version, which also enables, for example, encryption and decryption as well as changing the metadata of PDF documents. The automatic installation of the enhanced version can be deselected before the installation. This gives the user the opportunity to test both variants before deciding for or against the paid version. Another variant is "PDFsam Visual", which is intended to enable improved visual processing of PDF documents. The software can be tested for fourteen days. After that, a paid license must be purchased.

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