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A parking space is actually a free space on a public traffic area that temporarily or permanently offers enough space to park a motor vehicle . Motorized road users prefer the parking space to the paid parking lot because it is free .

Park in parallel

The growing number of automobiles has, however, led to an enormous parking density, especially in inner cities, and has made free parking spaces for vehicles scarce. Colloquially, this has led to the fact that a free space between two cars on marked parking areas (both on public and private land or in a parking garage ) is referred to as a parking space.

Situation in Germany

Legal situation

When two drivers scramble to find a free or vacant parking space, the first come, first served principle applies . Whoever reaches the point first and is ready to drive in, i.e. who wants to park backwards , has priority over those who intend to occupy the parking space with their car forwards according to Section 12 (5) StVO .

Keeping parking spaces free by a person is considered a general traffic obstruction within the meaning of Section 1 (2) StVO and is therefore not permitted. No preference is given to those waiting drivers who, in addition to the row of parked vehicles, are hoping for a parking space to become available soon.

If the examiner requests reverse parking during a driving test, the examinee must have a parking space of at least 8 meters in length.

Driving into a parking space under test conditions

The instruction for performing the basic task of “driving into a parking space” in driver training is given by the expert or examiner .

Reversing into a parking space (lengthways installation)

Content of the basic driving task: reversing into a gap of about 8 m (e.g. between two vehicles standing behind one another) and stopping.

Error assessment
  • Insufficient observation of the traffic
  • Driving onto the curb or driving over the lane boundary
  • Incorrect end position (e.g. jamming of other vehicles)
  • Distance from the curb or the lane boundary is more than 30 cm
  • More than two correction moves .
Driving into a parking space (transverse or inclined installation)

Content of the basic driving task: Driving forwards or backwards into a gap between two parallel vehicles or onto a parking area marked transversely or diagonally to the direction of travel and then stop.

Error assessment
  • Insufficient observation of the traffic
  • Insufficient side clearance
  • Vehicle outline protrudes beyond the marked parking area
  • More than two correction moves

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