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Ordinance on experts for motor vehicle traffic of January 6, 1940 (German Reich)

Officially recognized expert or inspector for motor vehicle traffic is a summary term for people who are entrusted with testing and monitoring tasks at a technical inspection center in motor vehicle traffic in Germany .

Mainly, they carry out the general inspection and examination of the engine management and emission control system as well as acceptance of modifications and driving license tests .

The recognition of experts and inspectors is regulated by the Motor Vehicle Expert Act (KfSachvG), while that of the monitoring organizations and the inspection engineers working there is regulated by Annex VIIIb of the StVZO .

Requirements for official recognition

The officially recognized experts or auditors (abbreviated aaSoP ) are divided into

  • officially recognized experts (aaS)
  • officially recognized experts with partial authorization (aaSmT)
  • officially recognized examiners (aaP) and
  • officially recognized examiners with partial authorization (aaPmT).

In addition to the powers, the various activities also differ in terms of the requirements for official recognition. The recognition authorities determined under state law are responsible for recognition.

For all applicants

All applicants who apply for official recognition must acc. § 2 para. 1 KfSachvG meet the following requirements:

  • Minimum age 23 years
  • mental and physical aptitude and proven reliability
  • In principle, driving licenses for vehicles of all classes
  • At least 18 months of activity as an engineer (aaS / aaSmT / aaP) or master craftsman (aaPmT) in a technical inspection center for motor vehicle traffic, a motor vehicle company or a motor vehicle factory
  • at least 6 months of training in a technical inspection center for motor vehicle traffic
  • Member of a technical test center for motor vehicle traffic (TP) / at the test engineer: Member of a monitoring organization (ÜO)
  • in an examination according to Proven professional suitability in accordance with Section 4 KfSachvG

Job-specific requirements

The activity as an expert or auditor requires acc. Section 2, Paragraph 2 of the KfSachvG also requires previous academic training in mechanical engineering , vehicle construction or electrical engineering , the activity as an examiner with partial authorization, practical training as a motor vehicle mechanic or motor vehicle electrical master or as a motor vehicle technician.


In the activity assigned by the StVZO, the officially recognized expert for motor vehicle traffic exercises sovereign powers . If he commits a breach of official duty while exercising this activity , it is not the technical inspection association that employed him that is liable, but the country that granted him official approval as an expert.


aaPmT :

aaP : same powers as aaPmT, but additional


aaSmT : same powers as aaP, but additional

  • Expert opinion on the issuing of individual operating permits according to § 21 StVZO for vehicles already on the road
  • Assessment of vehicles according to § 19  (2) StVZO
  • First issue of ADR registration certificate on dangerous goods transporters according to the dangerous goods ordinance on the road

aaS : same powers as aaSmT, but additional

  • Expert opinion on the issuing of general operating permits according to § 20 StVZO for all motor vehicles
  • Expert opinion on the issue of individual operating permits according to § 21 StVZO for all vehicles
  • Expert opinion for the issuing of individual operating permits according to § 13 EG-FGV for all relevant vehicles
  • Expert opinion for the issuing of general operating permits according to § 22 StVZO for vehicle parts
  • Expertise for the issuing of individual and general type approvals according to § 22a StVZO for vehicle parts
  • Driving instructor exam

Technical test centers

The technical test centers (TP) are operated exclusively by TÜV and DEKRA . These two organizations are also nationwide as well as GTÜ , KÜS u. a. active as an officially recognized monitoring organization ( aaÜO ).

In addition, inspectors work for the Bundeswehr in repairs (repair sergeant) and check Bundeswehr vehicles (with the exception of Bw fleet vehicles). The training is longer because of the military-specific part.

Professional associations

There are various associations in which motor vehicle experts are organized. They represent the interests of their members and offer training events, services and certifications.


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