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The vehicle is a field of engineering , the engineering science focus on the production of vehicles and those used to techniques lies.

Differentiation from vehicle technology and traffic technology

This focus differs significantly from the engineering focus of vehicle technology , which deals with the technologies in and on vehicles. The traffic engineering is a related issue, however, is concerned with techniques for traffic control and related topics.

Vehicle construction topics

Engineers , designers , vehicle designers and vehicle builders deal with the various technologies related to the development and construction of vehicles and the associated sub-areas of technology such as B. the construction of railroad cars (wagon construction), factory automation and production optimization , robotics and similar topics. Aircraft construction is related, but usually not counted as part of vehicle construction .

The topics of vehicle construction include, for example:

Technical specialization takes place e.g. B. in the direction of vehicle development

Design of vehicle components, systems or subsystems (assemblies)

or in the direction of factory design

There are overlaps with vehicle technology in topics such as:

That is why vehicle manufacturers, vehicle designers and vehicle technicians often work hand in hand, which can easily lead to specialists in the respective sub-area being seen as experts in all vehicle-related technologies.

Professions in vehicle construction

Designers in vehicle construction develop new product ideas and use them to create concepts for new vehicles or vehicle studies . In the next step, these may be implemented in a prototype by the bodybuilder , before the first Erlkönig is sent for testing at some point .

Another important task of developers and engineers in vehicle construction is the further development of existing products and the testing and development of new concepts for vehicle technology . Overlapping in the work of different specialists is inevitable, sensible and therefore also wanted.

Particularly in the field of driving tests, besides test bench testing, tests in vehicles on test tracks (in Germany e.g. in Papenburg ) and in winter tests (usually in northern Sweden / Lapland ) are among the tasks of the engineers.

In addition to pure vehicle construction, there is also engine development. Here, the focus of work is more on thermodynamics and the concepts of internal combustion engines .


Apart from the University of Stuttgart , the TU Bergakademie Freiberg , the TU Munich , the TU Braunschweig and the University of Siegen (since winter semester 2008/2009), the degree in vehicle construction is taught exclusively at universities of applied sciences in Germany. At technical universities, the subject is mostly mechanical engineering. At a university of applied sciences, the course usually lasts eight semesters including one or two practical semesters, at universities nine to ten semesters or seven semesters for a bachelor's degree.

Employment opportunities

Vehicle construction engineers usually work for wagon construction companies , automobile manufacturers , body construction , trailer construction , commercial vehicle or rail vehicle construction .

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