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Constructor (in German : builder, inventor , designer; no longer commonly used spelling: constructor ) is a professional title that is not protected in Germany .

As a rule, engineers or technicians with previous training in the respective field work as designers . Design engineers usually work in a design department or in an engineering office or planning office. Often they also work with draftsmen or technical product designers or coordinate their activities. The graphic elaboration of the construction used to be done on the drawing board and is now done on the computer with the help of CAD systems.

The design of the components and the review of the technical drawing as well as the definition of the tolerance chains and materials are activities that are generally reserved for an experienced designer or engineer.

The designer's ideas first lead to a draft , which is further elaborated as the work continues. The end result are technical drawings , including assembly drawings and parts lists, which contain all the material , machining , dimensions and tolerance information necessary for the manufacture of the product . In addition to precise calculation and test procedures , unusual, intuitive or graphical procedures are often helpful.

Points of contact and overlap there is the field of activity of the product designer ( designer ). However, the focus of the work of a product designer lies more in the aesthetic-artistic area. Ergonomic requirements can be processed by both. In the case of products for general use (for example entertainment electronics , household technology and photo technology ), design is essential to the success.

Almost all industrially produced objects in our environment are conceived by designers or at least put into practice from vague ideas of others. The focus is on: physics, mathematics and geometry.

Certified designer

A certified designer according to the Vocational Training Act, who carries out the activity of construction , is referred to as a designer . The task is to develop ideas, considerations, principles, calculations and manufacturing processes on the basis of known standards that enable the function and manufacture of a technical product (a machine or a structure ).

The advanced training to become a certified designer is a vocational qualification recognized in Germany according to the Vocational Training Act (BBiG) and such as B. the technician assigned to DQR 6.


  • Machine and system technology
  • Steel and metal construction technology
  • Heating, air conditioning and sanitary technology
  • Wood technology
  • Electrical engineering

The prerequisite for the examination as a certified designer before the responsible body is:

  • a successfully passed final examination as a technical system planner, technical product designer or technical draftsman or in a recognized training occupation according to the Vocational Training Act or the Crafts Code, which is assigned to the metal, electrical or wood occupations, as well as at least three years of relevant professional experience, which is the professional training is useful to the designer, or
  • At least seven years of professional experience in the field of construction or in a metal, electrical or wood occupation, which is useful for professional training as a designer.
  • Admission to the examination can also be granted to anyone who, by submitting certificates or in any other way, can credibly demonstrate that they have acquired knowledge, skills and experience that justify admission to the examination.

Engineers and technicians in the relevant specialist field can work independently as designers without having to take an examination .

Major designers

Most of the great designers were engineers.