Parliament Act (Switzerland)

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Basic data
Title: Federal law on
the Federal Assembly
Short title: Parliament Act
Abbreviation: ParlG
Type: Federal law
Scope: Switzerland
Legal matter: Constitutional law
legal collection (SR)
Original version from: December 13, 2002
Entry into force on: December 1, 2003
Please note the note on the applicable legal version.

The Federal Act on the Federal Assembly (abbreviated to Parliament Act , ParlG ; SR 171.10) of December 13, 2002, as a Swiss federal act regulates :


The Parliament Act came into force on December 1, 2003 and replaced the Business Transaction Act (GVG) of 1962. According to the report of the National Council's State Political Commission, this total revision pursued two goals: In the Federal Constitution of 1999, the tasks of the Federal Assembly and the powers of Federal Assembly and Federal Council made. These new constitutional provisions should be implemented at the legislative level. The Business Transaction Act was out of date and, due to numerous partial revisions, had become confusing. The new law should create a clear system with understandable language and eliminate inconsistencies in the previous law.

Associated ordinances and regulations

Based on the Parliament Act, the following ordinances and regulations were subsequently issued:

  • Ordinance of the Federal Assembly of October 3, 2003 on the Drafting Commission (SR 171.105)
  • Ordinance of the Federal Assembly of 3 October 2003 on the Parliament Act and on Parliament Administration (Parliament Administration Ordinance, ParlVV; SR 171.115)
  • Ordinance of the Federal Assembly of 3 October 2003 on its delegations in international parliamentary assemblies and on maintaining relations with parliaments of other states (Ordinance on parliamentary delegations, VpDel; SR 171.117)
  • Business regulations of the National Council of October 3, 2003 (GRN; SR 171.13)
  • Business regulations of the Council of States of June 20, 2003 (GRS; 171.14)


  • Parliamentary law and parliamentary practice of the Swiss Federal Assembly: Commentary on the Parliamentary Act (ParlG) of December 13, 2002 / ed. by Martin Graf, Cornelia Theler, Moritz von Wyss; Scientific staff: Nicole Schwager; Scientific Advisory Board: Wolf Linder, Georg Müller, René Rhinow. Basel: Helbing & Lichtenhahn, cop. 2014. XXXI, 1184 p .; ISBN 9783719029753

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