Patriotic day sheet

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Patriotic day sheet

description Austrian intelligence paper
language German
publishing company Publishing house of the privately owned question and customer office
Headquarters Brno
First edition 1800
attitude 1805
founder Christian Karl André
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ZDB 1488279-6

The Patriotic Tageblatt or public correspondence and advertisement sheet for all residents of all kais. Erbländer on important, interesting, instructive or enjoyable objects for the promotion of patriotism was an Austrian educational journal and an intelligence paper that appeared in Brno from July 1800 . Christian Karl André was the founder and publisher . Victor Heinrich Riecke was co-editor until 1803 .

Regular rubrics in addition to "private messages", that is, private advertisements and messages on all kinds of objects, were:

  • Patriotic proposals
  • Charitable items
  • Life and health
  • Regional studies
  • Natural history
  • technology
  • moral
  • Patriots and patriotic acts
  • Recommended fonts
  • Mixed matters

The model of the Patriotisches Tageblatt was the Allgemeine Anzeiger der Deutschen of the people's enlightener Rudolph Zacharias Becker . Similar to this one, practical advice, information on agriculture and housekeeping and medical education formed the main focus, in addition to educational or moral narratives, instructive dialogues, non-profit price questions as well as suggestions from the reform program of the non-profit economic education and public education and numerous Reports of reforms carried out and "patriotic acts".

The magazine appeared twice a week, sometimes three times a week. In 1805 it was discontinued due to difficulties with the censorship.