Paul Kennerley

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Paul Kennerley (* 1948 in Hoylake , Merseyside , England ) is an English songwriter and producer. In this role he realized the albums White Mansions in 1978 and The Legend of Jesse James in 1980 . Despite the participation of stars like Waylon Jennings , Jessi Colter and members of the Ozark Mountain Daredevils in the former case and Levon Helm, Johnny Cash , Emmylou Harris , Charlie Daniels and Rosanne Cash in the second case, the artistically ambitious projects were not commercially successful.

In White Mansions , the musicians involved each represent different characters in their songs and an attempt is made to deal with the civil war from the perspective of people from the southern states . The same form of representation about the life of Jesse James was attempted in The Legend of Jesse James .

Since both projects were not only commercially unsuccessful, but were also criticized by independent newspapers such as the Los Angeles Tribune, Paul Kennerley, who was temporarily married to Emmylou Harris , concentrated on songwriting in the following years.

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