Perdiguero de Burgos

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Perdiguero de Burgos
Perdiguero de Burgos
FCI Standard No. 90
1.1 Type ' Braque '
Origin :


Alternative names:

Burgos Chicken Dog, Perdiguero of Burgos

Withers height:

Males 62–67 cm.
Bitches 59–64 cm


Not fixed

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The Perdiguero de Burgos ( sp. For ' Chicken Dog of Burgos ') is a Spanish dog breed recognized by the FCI ( FCI Group 7, Section 1.1, Standard No. 90 ).

Origin and history

The Perdiguero de Burgos has been a down-to-earth, hardly changed breed type in Spain for centuries . It is adapted to the local conditions, especially the weather. The exact origin of the breed is not known, it is believed to have originated from crossing the Sabueso Español with the Pachon Iberico, a breed bred in various local varieties, the most famous representative of which is the Pachon Navarro . The Perdiguero de Burgos was recognized in 1911 by the Spanish canine association, the Real Sociedad Central de Fomento de las Razas Caninas en España (today Real Sociedad Canina de España ), but only 319 animals were registered in the stud book until 1936. Due to the Spanish Civil War and the Second World War , the breed almost died out, and breeding was not started again until 1950.


Up to 67 cm tall hunting dog in white and liver-colored, mixed irregularly, which can result in a marbled-liver-colored, greyish-liver-colored or spotted-liver-colored coat, as well as other different combinations, depending on whether white or liver color predominates and the white spots larger or smaller are. The hair is dense, of medium thickness, short, straight, with little undercoat. The ears are large, drooping, triangular, set at the level of the eyes.


Pointing dog for small game and game birds

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