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In contrast to personnel policy, human resources management describes the administrative, routine tasks of human resources . It is carried out by the HR department, which, as a staff unit , also has organizational tasks.


In larger companies ( large companies ) and public authorities, it is worthwhile for the staff within the organizational structure to set up an organizational unit ( department or unit ) that deals exclusively with personnel issues (from recruiting and personnel support to dismissal ). The personnel area in particular is characterized by administrative activities. As part of the administration, the personnel area is part of the operational functions . With the help of computer-aided personnel management, significant simplifications can be implemented.

Individual tasks

The individual tasks of personnel administration include:

Personnel management is necessary due to the requirements and wishes of the employees or for legal or contractual reasons. The activities of personnel administration can be divided into four areas:

  • Analytical activities: e.g. B. Clarification of personal issues to prepare for a decision
  • Informational activities: Provision of information through storage, processing and evaluation
  • Monitoring activities: Compliance with deadlines and labor law regulations
  • Process engineering activities: preparation and handling of recruitment, transfers, etc.

Main tasks

The following activities can be distinguished as the main tasks of personnel administration :

Procurement related tasks

  • Posting of internal job advertisements
  • Receipt of application documents
  • Forwarding of application documents

Mission-related tasks

Compensation-related tasks

  • Determination of gross wages
  • Determination of net fees
  • Registration of income tax

Care-related tasks

  • Processing of information
  • Handling of communication
  • Handling of occupational safety

Development related tasks

  • Collection of training offers
  • Handling of retraining
  • Billing of training activities

Release-related tasks

  • Processing of short-time work
  • Handling of transfers
  • Handling of termination letters


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