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Peter Hersche (* 1941 ) is a Swiss historian and professor at the University of Bern (Modern General History). He specializes in the baroque .

Hersche first completed a business apprenticeship and practiced this profession, graduated from high school in 1963 and then studied history, modern German literature and art history in Bern, Bonn, Vienna and Paris. After obtaining his licentiate degree (lic. Phil.), He was a university assistant in Bern from 1971, where he received his doctorate in 1973 and habilitated in 1982 in more recent general history. He was then a lecturer and, from 1990, adjunct professor in Bern.

Hersche deals with the cultural and social history of early modern Catholicism and the Baroque, popular religion, the social history of baroque art and the history of the Catholic Enlightenment.


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  • Editor: Enlightened Reform Catholicism in Austria, Sources for Modern History . Historical Institute of the University of Bern, Bern: Lang 1976

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