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Area of ​​Expertise Science fiction , fantasy
language German
publishing company Suhrkamp-Verlag (Germany)
First edition 1974
attitude 1982
ISSN (print)

Phacon. The Almanac of Fantastic Literature was a series published by Rein A. Zondergeld at Suhrkamp- Verlag with essays, essays and stories from the fields of science fiction and fantasy . Between 1974 and 1982 five volumes were published in the series. The first two volumes appeared in the series of Insel pocket books, volumes 3 to 5 in the Fantastic Library within the Suhrkamp pocket books.

The name of the series is a combination of the Greek words phantasticos and icon and should mean something like "image of the fantastic", alluding to the essay "L'image fantastique" by Roger Caillois (1966), which was printed in German translation in the first volume. The aim of the almanac was the theoretical examination of the fantastic and its literary genres, which is why in the first volume exclusively and in the following mainly theoretical works on the fantastic, along with some exemplary narratives.

The first two volumes were devoted to general theoretical investigations and were illustrated, the third volume dealt with German, the fourth with French fantasy. Theoretical contributions were made by Caillois, Edmund Wilson , Louis Vax , Jens Malte Fischer , Norbert Miller , Brigitte Kronauer , Peter Penzoldt, Georges Jacquemin, Rolf Günter Renner and the editor. As authors of short stories, Jean Louis Bouquet and Marcel Schneider appeared with first German translations and also new stories by Jörg Krichbaum and Fanny Morweiser . Illustrators of the first two volumes included Dieter Asmus, Jan Peter Tripp and Gérard Titus Carmel.