Phase 10

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Phase 10
Cards from phase 10 (Fundex edition)
Cards from phase 10 (Fundex edition)
Game data
author Kenneth Johnson
publishing company K&K International (1985),
Fundex Games (1986),
FX Schmid (1995),
Ravensburger (2001),
Winning Moves (2002),
Mattel (2010)
and others. a.
Publishing year 1985, 1995, 2001
Art Card game
Teammates 2 to 6
Duration 45 - 240 minutes
Age from 10 years on


à la carte card game price 1995: 7th place

Phase 10 is a card game. The game was "invented" in 1982 by Kenneth Johnson , published in 1985 by K&K International and 1986 by Fundex Games in the USA, where it became a bestseller. However, the rules are largely similar to the much older "Contract Rummy", also called "California Rummy", which is played with standard playing cards. In 2010 Fundex Games sold the game to Mattel , where Phase 10 has now found its new home.

In 1995 it was published in Germany by FX Schmid . After FX Schmid was taken over by Ravensburger , the game appeared again in 1998 under the label FX and in 2001 finally only under the publisher name Ravensburger. The game has been distributed by Mattel since 2016.

The game is the second best-selling card game in the world after the UN . Over 30 million games have now been sold, with just under 3 million games being sold annually.


Each player receives ten cards. The player who starts draws a card from the pile face down or takes the top card of the discard pile. He tries to reach the card combination required in the phase. At the end of your turn you put any card on the discard pile. Now it's the turn of the next. The game is played clockwise.

The phases call for cards with the same number (e.g. twins), a row of numbers or, in phase 8, seven cards of the same suit. There are four colors (red, yellow, green, blue) and numbers from 1 to 12. There are also joker cards (*) and cards that, if given to any other player, can skip a round.

Whoever completes the phase places the corresponding cards face up on the table in front of you. In the following process you can then create suitable cards. When a player has played all cards in this way, the phase is over. A player only goes to the next phase when he has reached the current one. The first to complete phase 10 wins. If more than one in the round have phase 10, the one with the lowest points wins.

Other game variations

With Phase 10 - Würfel , the first offshoot of the game came out in 1997. The rules of the game are similar to those of the card game. It is played with ten special dice (D6). Of these, six are high dice and four are low dice. The high dice have the values ​​5–10. The low dice 1–4 and twice “W”. "W" is used as a wild card. In addition, the sides of the dice are colored differently so that the color combinations can be rolled.

There is now also phase 10 - Masters . The same principle as the normal card game, but with new action cards and new phases to be reached.

There is a board game variant under the name Phase 10 - The Board Game . As in the original game, the game is primarily played with cards, with the number of cards to be picked up or cards to be discarded or other actions being determined using a game board with dice.

There is also a child-friendly design of the card game as Phase 10 - Junior . The aim is to be the first to reach 10 phases. A phase is fulfilled when 4 identical cards can be laid out. It is played with 55 cards (48 cards with the four different colors, animals and things and 7 jokers). In contrast to the other Phase 10 games, there are 12 different phases, 10 of which must be reached in order to win the game.

The newest offshoot of the game is Phase 10 - Twist . This game was released by Mattel in 2011 . The 10 phases are identical to the basic edition phase 10 . Phase 10 - Twist is currently not available in German-speaking countries ( DA-CH ).

"Level 8" and "Level 8 Master" were published by Ravensburger in 2016 and are further versions of phase 10, but with only 8 levels (phases). The cards go from 1 to 15 and there are 6 suits.


Phase 10 , Phase 10 - Cube and
Phase 10 - Twist

  1. 2 triplets
  2. Three of a kind and four wins
  3. Four of a Kind and Four Successes
  4. Seven successes
  5. Successions
  6. Nine successes
  7. 2 quadruplets
  8. 7 cards of one suit
  9. Quintuplets and twins
  10. Quintuplets and triplets

Phase 10 - Master

  1. 4 twins
  2. 6 cards of one suit
  3. Four of a Kind and Four Successes
  4. Successions
  5. 7 cards of one suit
  6. Nine successes
  7. 2 quadruplets
  8. Four of a kind and three of a kind
  9. Quintuplets and triplets
  10. Quintuplets and triads of one suit

Phase 10 - The board game

  1. 5 cards of one suit and a sequence of three
  2. 4 twins
  3. Three of a kind and four wins
  4. 2 four-way wins
  5. 6 cards of one suit and three of a kind
  6. Successions
  7. Twins, three of a kind and four of a kind
  8. 2 quadruplets
  9. Nine successes
  10. Quintuplets and triplets

Phase 10 - Junior

  1. dog
  2. hamster
  3. Hare
  4. cat
  5. book
  6. gift
  7. Soccer
  8. skateboard
  9. red spot of color
  10. yellow spot of color
  11. green spot of color
  12. blue stain

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