Philippe de Bourbon, duc de Vendôme

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Philippe de Vendôme , painting by Jacob Ferdinand Voet

Philippe de Vendôme (born August 23, 1655 in Paris , †  January 24, 1727 ibid) was a French maréchal de camp , Duke of Vendôme , Duke of Penthièvre and Grand Prior of the Order of Malta in France. He came from the House of Bourbon-Vendôme .


As Duke of Vendôme, he succeeded his older brother Louis II Joseph de Bourbon , who died in 1712. Philippe remained childless, with him his line died out.


As the Grand Prior of the Order of Malta in France, he pursued a military career. In 1669 he fought against the Turks at the siege of Candia , where his uncle, François de Vendôme , was killed. He later fought at Fleurus , Steenkirk and Marsaglia .

During the War of the Spanish Succession , he briefly commanded the French troops in Italy , but was no match for Prince Eugene of Savoy . In the Battle of Cassano (1705) he was saved by his brother and then transferred to Flanders.

He was a supporter of the painter Jean Raoux , whom he provided with commissions.

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