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legal form Srl
founding 1926
resolution July 15, 2004
Reason for dissolution Takeover by Interpark Amusements Srl
Seat Suzzara , Lombardy , Italy
management Daniel Pinfari
Branch Rides , roller coasters

Pinfari Srl was a roller coaster manufacturer based in Suzzara , Italy .


The company was founded in 1926. Initially still active in the automotive and building construction business, he entered the roller coaster business in the early 1950s. The first roller coaster built by Pinfari opened in 1954. It was called "Bob-Slide" and belonged to the wild mouse type .

In 1965, the manufacturer released a compact, portable roller coaster called the "Zyklon", also known as the "Galaxi Coaster". This is still considered the manufacturer's most popular roller coaster model and has been sold almost 100 times worldwide in different versions and sizes. The most famous versions were the Z40 , Z47 , Z64 and Z78. The Z stands for "cyclone", the number describes the length of the base, i.e. This means that the basic length of type Z40 is approx. 40 meters. Probably the best-known type Z47, the footprint was exactly 47.2 × 17.2 m with a height of 11.2 m, a rail length of approx. 435 m and a capacity of 950 people per hour.

Another variant of the cyclone was the so-called Looping Star (Looping Zyklon). In this case, the layout was supplemented by an inversion ( looping ). This cyclone is also available in different sizes under the type designations ZL42 , ZL50 and Z47L (L = looping). Despite its great popularity - due to its good portability, small size and low price - the ride characteristics of the cyclone are often considered rough, uncomfortable and "unsmooth" by roller coaster enthusiasts.

The manufacturer improved the concept fundamentally and finally brought the more modern RC model onto the market in 1989 (RC = Roller Coaster). This enabled new layouts with a more complex rail curve, a more pleasant curve position, and higher speeds. The RC model was also available in different versions with different sizes, such as RC40 and RC50 . There was also a version with three inversions (two loops and a corkscrew ) called the RC70 . The first track of this model opened in M & D's Theme Park in Scotland.

Another variant was the FC 80 (Family Coaster) model. This included a longer layout without inversions, which required a footprint of 80 × 30 m. After all, only one track of this type was built, and it still runs its rounds on the Wiener Wurstelprater under the name " Super 8er Bahn " .

Another well-known amusement ride is the Big Apple or also called the Caterpillar. This children's roller coaster was especially popular due to its extremely compact and portable design. This is an identical design copy of the roller coaster model " Wacky Worm " from the manufacturers Preston and Fabbri. There was also an inverted version of the Big Apple under the name "Queen Bee" in Button's Pleasure Beach amusement park, England.

Over the years, the manufacturer had also built and marketed various other roller coaster types, including, for example, Inverted Coaster , such as the XP 48 or XP 56 (XP = Xpress ). The Pinfari company produced a total of 183 roller coasters. Today, over 80 of the manufacturer's systems are still in operation worldwide (as of 2018). In 2007 the “Pinfari” brand and the intellectual property were acquired by “Interpark Amusements Srl” based in Modena . This also took over the current marketing and supply of the still existing systems.

List of roller coasters

Surname model park country year Still in operation
thriller RC50 Luneur Park Italy Unknown No
Unknown Zyklon Z47 Seaburn Fun Park United Kingdom Unknown No
turbo Zyklon ZL42 Brighton Pier United Kingdom Unknown Yes
Montañha Rusa Zyklon ZL42 Parque Trombini Brazil Unknown No
Ze Ulta Fulta Express Zyklon ZL42 Fantasy land India Unknown No
Pepsi-Cola Loop Zyklon ZL42 Ffrith Beach Fun Parc
Ocean Beach Amusement Park
United Kingdom Unknown
1990 to 2007
Looping star Zyklon ZL42 M & Ds Scotland's Theme Park United Kingdom Unknown No
cyclone RC40 Funtown Pier United States Unknown No
Storm RC40 Peter Pan's Playground United Kingdom Unknown No
Big Apple Big Apple MB28 Peter Pan's Playground United Kingdom Unknown No
Kålmoren Big Apple (Turn Table) Tivoli Karolinelund Denmark Unknown No
Brucomela Big Apple Luneur Park Italy Unknown No
Clown Coaster Circus clown Chessington World of Adventures United Kingdom Unknown No
Italian bobs Unknown Adventureland Park United States Unknown No
Treno delle Miniere Unknown Luneur Park Italy Unknown No
Crazy Loop Unknown Tama Tech Motopia Japan Unknown No
Elevated railway Zyklon Z47 Wiener Prater Austria 1966 No
cyclone Zyklon Z47 Morey's Piers United States 1967 No
Hells Angels Unknown Casino Pier United States 1967 No
Himalayas Zyklon Z78 Luneur Park Italy 1968 No
Unknown Zyklon Z47 bagatelle France 1969 No
Rakevet Harim Zyklon Z47 Luna Park Tel Aviv Israel 1970 No
Cyclone Zyklon Z40 Dreamland United Kingdom 1970 No
Meteor Roller Coaster
Formerly Supersonic Roller Coaster
Cyclone Supersonic Sportland Pier United Satets 1971 No
Cyclone Zyklon Z40 Battersea Fun Fair United Kingdom 1973 No
Mouse Trap
Formerly Big Coaster
Zyklon Z64 Wonderland Amusement Park United States 1975 Yes
Ciklon Zyklon Z64 Holnemvolt Park Hungary 1975 No
Chicago Cat Zyklon Z47 Old Chicago United States 1975 No
Flying Dutchman Zyklon Z78 Dorney Park United States 1977 No
cyclone Zyklon Z47 Western Fair Canada 1976 No
Valle degli Gnomi Unknown Fiabilandia Italy 1976 Yes
Masks Big Apple MB28 Parking zoo Sweden 1977 Yes
Wildcat Zyklon Z40 Southport Pleasureland United Kingdom 1978 Yes
Elevated railway Zyklon Z47 Wiener Prater Austria 1979 No
cyclone Unknown Funtrackers United States 1979 No
Jet stream Zyklon Z64 Ocean Beach Amusement Park
Belle Vue Park
Battersea Fun Fair
United Kingdom 1980
1975 to 1977
cyclone Zyklon Z40 Jolly Roger at the Pier United States 1981 No
Big Apple Big Apple (Turn Table) Luna Park United States 1981 No
Big Apple Big Apple MB28 Southport Pleasureland United Kingdom 1982 No
Formerly Dragon
Formerly Mini Dragon
Super Dragon MD31 Alton Towers United Kingdom 1983 No
cyclone Unknown Lakeview Park United States 1983 No
Le Grand Huit
Formerly Grand 8
Zyklon Z47 Walibi Rhône-Alpes
Walibi Belgium
France 1984
1975 to 1983
Python looping coaster Zyklon ZL42 Drayton Manor United Kingdom 1984 No
Circus clown Circus clown Southport Pleasureland United Kingdom 1984 No
HurryCane Roller Coaster Unknown Riverview Park & ​​Waterworld United States 1984 No
Looping preZyklon TL59 Hili Fun City United Arab Emirates 1985 Still under construction
Looping course Zyklon ZL42 Wiener Prater Austria 1985 No
Hurricane Øje Zyklon ZL42 Tivoli Friheden Denmark 1986 Yes
Montanha Russa Zyklon Z40 Bracalãndia
Feira Popular de Lisboa
Portugal 1986
Big Apple Big Apple MB28 Dreamland United Kingdom 1986 No
Ciclone Zyklon Z47 Parque Diversiones Costa Rica 1987 No
Big Apple Big Apple MB28 Botton's Pleasure Beach United Kingdom 1987 Yes
Looping Zyklon ZL42 Feira Popular de Lisboa Portugal 1988 No
Formerly Cyclone
Zyklon Z40 Frontierland Family Theme Park
Blackpool Pleasure Beach
United Kingdom 1988
1974 to 1987
Cyclone Zyklon Z40 Genting Theme Park Malaysia 1988 No
Unknown Unknown Wicksteed Park United Kingdom 1988 No
Cyclones Zyklon Z40 EsselWorld India 1989 Yes
Storm RC40 Botton's Pleasure Beach United Kingdom 1989 No
cyclone Unknown Billing Aquadrome United Kingdom 1989 No
Looping star Zyklon ZL42 Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach United Kingdom 1990 No
Super Dragon Super Dragon MD31 Treasure Island Amusement Park United Kingdom 1990 Yes
Big Apple Big Apple EsselWorld India 1990 Yes
Superloop Zyklon ZL50 Furuvik Sweden 1991 No
Loop 2000 Zyklon ZL42 Superland Israel 1991 No
Thunder Mountain Zyklon Z40 Flamingo Land United Kingdom 1991 No
cyclone Zyklon Z47 Magic Springs & Crystal Falls United States 1992 No
Roller coaster RC40 Wicksteed Park United Kingdom 1992 Yes
Montaña Rusa RC50 Mundo Divertido México 1993 No
Montaña Rusa Zyklon ZL42 Mundo Divertido México 1993 No
Montanha Russa
Formerly Big Mountain
Zyklon Z40 Play kid Brazil 1993 Yes
Ortobruco tour Unknown Gardaland Italy 1993 Yes
Diamon python Zyklon Z40 Meribula's Magic Mountain Australia 1994 Yes
Looping star Zyklon ZL42 Neverland Ranch United States 1995 No
Sorcerer RC40 Camelot Theme Park United Kingdom 1995 No
Mega lightning RC50 Coney Beach Pleasure Park United Kingdom 1996 Still under construction
cyclone Zyklon Z47 Dinosaur Beach United States 1996 No
Looping Thunder Zyklon ZL42 Oaks Amusement Park United States 1996 No
Looping star Zyklon ZL42 Jolly Roger at the Pier United States 1996 Yes
Super 8-person train FC80 Wiener Prater Austria 1997 Yes
Great loop Zyklon ZL50 Izmir Fuari Turkey 1997 Yes
Looping star Zyklon ZL42 Mirabilandia Brazil 1997 No
Montanha Russa Zyklon Z40 American Park Brazil 1997 No
chenille Big Apple MB28 Nigloland France 1997 Yes
Circus clown Circus clown Oakwood Theme Park United Kingdom 1997 Yes
tornado RC70 M & Ds Scotland's Theme Park United Kingdom 1998 Yes
Montanha Russa Zyklon Z47 Walter World Brazil 1998 Yes
Formerly Cyclone
Zyklon Z47 Jolly Roger Amusement Park
Holiday World
Geauga Lake
United States 1998
1981 to 1997
1976 to 1980
Mini dragon Super Dragon MD31 Funland Park United Kingdom 1998 No
Big Apple
Formerly Mini Apple
Big Apple MB28 Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach
Alton Towers
United Kingdom 1998
1982 to 1997
Imorinth Big Apple Himeji Central Park Japan 1998 Yes
Figure of Eight
Tokaydo Express
Super Train ST40 Brean Theme Park
Blackpool Pleasure Beach
United Kingdom 1998
1980 to 1997
Looping star Zyklon ZL42 Codona's Amusement Park United Kingdom 1999 Yes
Rollies Coaster Zyklon Z40 Morey's Piers United States 1999 Yes
African Big Apple Big Apple MB28 West Midland Safari Park United Kingdom 1999 Yes
Big Apple Big Apple MB28 M & Ds Scotland's Theme Park United Kingdom 1999 Yes
Queen Bee Queen Bee AR28 Center Norte Argentina 1999 No
Hurricane RC70 Center Norte Argentina 2000 No
RC-48 RC48 Morey's Piers United States 2000 No
Vildkatten Zyklon ZL42 Summerland Sjælland Denmark 2000 Yes
Formerly Big Dipper
Zyklon Z40 Knowsley Safari Park
Marvel's Amusement Park
United Kingdom 2000
1973 to 1999
Jubilee Zyklon Z40 Selva Mágica
Plopsaland De Panne
México 2000
1995 to 2000
Apple masks Big Apple MB28 Ölands Djur & Nölespark Sweden 2000 Yes
Unknown Big Apple MB28 Wonder World Amusement Park Uganda 2000 Yes
Família Expressz Super Train ST40 Holnemvolt Park Hungary 2000 No
Formerly Caterpillar
Super Dragon MD31 Tivoli Friheden Denmark 2001 Yes
Speedy Mouse
Formerly Big Apple
Big Apple MB28 Barry's amusements United Kingdom 2001 Yes
Rolo Coaster
Formerly Big Dipper
RC50 Jungle Land
Barry's Amusements
Saudi Arabia 2002
1997 to 2001
Barry's Big Dipper Zyklon ZL42 Barry's amusements United Kingdom 2002 Yes
Montaña Rusa Zyklon ZL42 Mundo Divertido México 2002 No
Roller coaster RC40 Nicolândia Center Park Brazil 2002 Yes
Mini coaster apple Big Apple MB28 Nettuno Park Italy 2002 Yes
Queen Bee Queen Bee AR28 Botton's Pleasure Beach United Kingdom 2002 Yes
Tokaido Super Train ST40 Luneur Park Italy 2002 No
Cyclone loop Zyklon ZL42 Star City Philippines 2003 No
Looping star Zyklon ZL42 Xinghai Square China 2003 No
Looping star Zyklon ZL42 Wonder Land Egypt 2003 Yes
Magic loop Zyklon ZL42 Aventura Luna Park Venezuela 2003 Yes
World Express Zyklon ZL42 Parque de Atracciones de Plaza Mayor Venezuela 2003 Yes
King Zyklon Z40 Nashville Valley Amusement Park United States 2003 No
Montanha Russa Zyklon Z40 Trombini Park Brazil 2003 Yes
Super train RC40 AltınPark Bursa Turkey 2003 Yes
Mighty Mini Mega Mini Mega Coaster MM29 Adventure Island United Kingdom 2003 Yes
Family roller coaster Super Dragon MD31 Funny park Austria 2003 No
python Mini Mega Coaster MM29 Gulliver's Milton Keynes United Kingdom 2003 Yes
Miniera d'Oro Del West Unknown Fiabilandia Italy 2003 Yes
Tsunami Xpress XP48 M & Ds Scotland's Theme Park United Kingdom 2004 No
Crazy Loop
Formerly Shock Wave
preZyklon TL59 Brean Theme Park
Pleasure Island Family Theme Park
Flamingo Land
United Kingdom 2004
1996 to 2002
1986 to 1995
Formerly Chenille
Big Apple MB28 Parc Les Poussins France 2004 Yes
Log Roll'r Coaster Circus clown Yellowstone Bear World United States 2004 No
Roller coaster Zyklon ZL50 Metro Park Eagle Spa Russia 2005 Yes
Klondike Gold Mine Zyklon ZL42 Funland Amusement Park
Drayton Manor
United Kingdom 2005
1995 to 2004
Montaña Rusa
Formerly Cyclon
Zyklon ZL42 VulQano Park
Ecuador 2005
1994 to 2004
Z40 roller coaster Zyklon Z40 Tir Prince Family Funfair United Kingdom 2005 No
El Bandido Zyklon Z64 Western Playland (Sunland Park, New Mexico)
Western Playland (El Paso, Texas)
United States 2006
1974 to 2005
thriller RC50 Leolandia
EuroPark Milano Idroscalo
Italy 2006
Looping Star
Formerly Looping
Zyklon ZL42 Big Center Park
Magic Park
Brazil 2006
1999 to 2005
Looping star Zyklon ZL42 Kunming International Convention & Exhibition Center China 2006 No
Big Apple Big Apple MB28 Flamingo Park United Kingdom 2006 No
Elma Kurdu Big Apple MB28 Izmir Fuari Turkey 2006 Yes
Bat Coaster Xpress XP56 Antibes country
France 2007
2004 to 2006
Star Flyer Xpress XP56 Star City Philippines 2007 Yes
Montanha Russa Zyklon Z47 Parque de Diversão Barilândia Brazil 2007 Yes
Looping star Zyklon ZL42 Yuxi Park China 2007 No
Hoola loop Zyklon ZL42 EsselWorld India 2007 Yes
Formerly X Speed
Super Train ST40 EuroPark Milano Idroscalo
Movieland Park
Italy 2007
2003 to 2006
Unknown Unknown Gorky Park Russia 2007 No
Colossu's Loop
Formerly Looping Star
Cyclone Z47L Nicolândia Center Park
Park do Gorilão
Brazil 2008
Formerly Sky Ways Roller Coaster
Formerly Skytrax
Zyklon Z47 Fami PARC
Pirate 'Park
Brean Theme Park
France 2008
City Coaster Zyklon ZL42 Beijing Carnival China 2008 No
Formerly Super Dragon
Super Dragon MD31 Funland Amusement Park
Drayton Manor
United Kingdom 2008
1984 to 2007
Crazy Caterpillar Big Apple MB28 Tir Prince Family Funfair United Kingdom 2008 Yes
Xpress Xpress XP56 Tsitsinatela Georgia 2009 Yes
Ali Baba Coaster Zyklon Z47 Gloria's Fantasyland Philippines 2009 Yes
Looping star Zyklon ZL42 Aden Park Yemen 2009 Yes
Montaña Rusa Super Dragon MD31 Aventura Center (Las Condes)
Aventura Center (La Florida)
Chile 2009
Cyclone Cyclone Supersonic Odessa Amusement Park Ukraine 2010 Yes
Montanha Russa Zyklon Z47 Parque Guaíba Brazil 2011 No
Formerly Big Apple
Formerly Rattler
Big Apple MB28 Billing Aquadrome
Blackpool Pleasure Beach
Frontierland Family Theme Park
National Garden Festival
United Kingdom 2011
2003 to 2004
1991 to 1999
Clown Coaster
Formerly Circus Clown
Formerly Nicky's Circus
Circus clown Wicksteed Park
Blackpool Pleasure Beach
Harbor Park
United Kingdom 2011
1989 to 2008
Super jet Zyklon Z64 Parque Multirama
Playcenter São Paulo
Brazil 2012
1973 to 1996
Loop Max Adrenaline
Formerly Roller Coaster
Formerly Gauntlet
Formerly Looping Star
Zyklon ZL42 Luna Park Sunny Beach
Playground Varna
Camelot Theme Park
Craig Tara Holiday Park
Bulgaria 2012
2009 to 2012
2001 to 2006
1999 to 2001
1987 to 1999
Roller coaster Zyklon Z40 Edenlandia Italy 2012 No
Super Dragon
Formerly Montaña Rusa
Super Dragon MD31 Republica de los Niños
Aventura Center
Argentina 2012
1988 to 2007
Big Apple Big Apple MB28 West Sands Fun Fair United Kingdom 2012 Yes
Sand Blaster
Formerly Blue Diamond Streak
Formerly Cyclone
Formerly Sidewinder
Formerly Super Italian Bobs
Zyklon Z64 Boardwalk Amusements
Blue Diamond Park
DelGrosso's Amusement Park
Wild West World
Legend City
Adventureland Park
United States 2013
2004 to 2007
1987 to 2003
1984 to 1986
1978 to 1983
Still under construction
Dragon Super Dragon MD31 Bayrampaşa City Park Turkey 2013 Yes
Formerly Caterpillar Capers
Big Apple MB28 Gulliver's Warrington
Camelot Theme Park
United Kingdom 2013
1984 to 2012
Apollo Coaster
Formerly Montagnes du Grand Canyon
Zyklon Z64 Kingoland
OK Corral
France 2014
2000 to 2011
Formerly Cyclone
Formerly Cyclone
Zyklon Z47 Santa's Village AZoosment Park
Fun Spot
Morey's Piers
United States 2014
1990 to 2008
1988 to 1989
Loop Coaster
Formerly Dream Liner
Zyklon ZL42 Sky Ranch Pampanga
Carron Dream Park
Philippines 2014
2012 to 2014
Formerly Looping
preZyklon TL59 Family Fun
Tivoli Karolinelund
Iraq 2015
Looping star Zyklon ZL42 Keansburg Amusement Park
Sauble Beach Fun World
Beech Bend
United States 2015
2001 to 2009
Formerly Roller Coaster
RC40 Magic Park Land
EuroPark Milano Idroscalo
France 2015
2006 to 2014
Crazy Train Mini Mega Coaster MM29 Gulliver's Warrington
Codona's Amusement Park
United Kingdom 2015
2003 to 2014
Loop Roller Coaster
Formerly Python
Zyklon ZL42 CJ Barrymore's Family Entertainment Center
Playland's Castaway Cove
United States 2016
1996 to 2015
Superman Coaster Zyklon ZL42 Jawa Timur Park 1 Indonesia 2016 Yes
London City Coaster
Formerly Grizzly Bear
Formerly Cyclone
Zyklon Z47 Attractiepark Duinen Zathe
Lightwater Valley
Spanish City Amusement Park
Netherlands 2017
2004 to 2008
1991 to 2000
Formerly Grizzly
Formerly Looping Dipper
Zyklon ZL42 Southport Pleasureland
Barry's Amusements
United Kingdom 2017
1991 to 1996
Flight of the Giant Peach
Formerly Space Coaster
Formerly Express
Formerly Cobra
RC40 Oakwood Theme Park
M & Ds Scotland's Theme Park
United Kingdom 2017
2006 to 2015
2003 to 2004
Emerald Coaster
Formerly Cat & Mouse
Formerly cyclone
Zyklon Z40 Sam's Fun City
Ocean Beach Pleasure Park
Harbor Park
United States 2018
2002 to 2016
1986 to 2001
Formerly Big Ohhhh!
Formerly Cyclone
Formerly Thunderail
Zyklon Z64 Lakeside Amusement Park
Fun Plex
Saginaw County Fairgrounds
Celebration City
Hamel's Park
United States 2018
2007 to 2017
2003 to 2006
2000 to 2001
1992 to 1999
Still under construction

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