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The pirouette (from French pirouette ; to German "to turn in a circle" or "quickly change one's point of view") is a term from the world of dance (for example ballet , figure skating , roller skating ) and describes a centered, single or multiple rotation around your own body axis , usually on one leg. Different positions can be adopted, for example in figure skating as a toe loop or a Biellmann pirouette .


Pirouette during a pas de deux

In ballet, a distinction is made between different types of pirouette:

  • Pirouette en dehors ("outwards"): rotation "away from the standing leg"
  • Pirouette en dedans ("inwards"): turning "towards the supporting leg".

During the rotation, different postures or poses can be assumed, for example arabesque or attitude . The most common pose is the rétiré : the free leg foot is placed on the knee of the standing leg.

Pirouettes in sports

In equestrian sport , pirouette describes a turn of the horse around the hindquarters, i.e. H. around the inner hind leg, see also pirouette (art of riding) .

It also refers to an aerobatic maneuver in which the aircraft is steered to a vertical upward flight while rotating around its longitudinal axis. Here it is also called a screw or a vertical roller .

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