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Piz Daint is a supercomputer of the Swiss National Supercomputing Center in Canton Ticino and has been in operation since April 2013. The computer, based on Intel Xeon E5 processors, originally consisted of a Cray XC30 and has been expanded several times since installation, most recently in November 2016 to a Cray XC40 / XC50.

The computer is named after the Piz Daint mountain in the canton of Graubünden . Compared to its predecessor, the Cray XE6 Monte Rosa, Piz Daint offers a multiple of computing power and requires less electrical power . Regional climate simulations were implemented on the COSMO Climate Local Model .

Piz Daint has thus implemented the last step of the Swiss High Performance Computing and Networking Initiative (HPCN) of the ETH Board . The HPCN strategy began in 2009 with the aim of equipping Switzerland as a research location with a PetaFLOPS supercomputer.

After upgrading Piz Daint with NVIDIA Tesla P100 GPUs to 19.6 PFLOPS at a cost of 40 million francs, Switzerland became the country with the third fastest supercomputer in the world in summer 2017 (after two computers in China, ahead of the USA). The Piz Daint pushed the supercomputer Titan of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory from third place. In 2018 Piz Daint was in 5th place in the ranking list, in 2019 with a further improved 21.2 PFLOPS in 6th place.

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