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The first planks are attached to a new ship (construction of a replica of a Nordic longship in Roskilde )
Plank wall of a moth (castle)

A plank is a piece of the outer skin or deck planking of a ship , essentially an adapted, relatively narrow board or plank . It is generally applied to the erected frames or malls . A series of fore and aft planks are called a plank walkway . The word is derived from phalanx . In North German shipbuilding, planks were also referred to as floorboards (e.g. in Lübeck, the job description for floorboards ). In the Alpine region they used to be called Bodenladen .

In a figurative sense, the term plank is also used synonymously with plank , especially when it is a single plank intended to be walked on.

Planks were also used for the wall-like walls of medieval wood-earth fortifications, with a rectangular cross-section in contrast to the round palisades .

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