Flat head water flea

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Flat head water flea
Simocephalus vetulus.jpg

Flat head water flea ( Simocephalus vetulus )

Sub-stem : Crustaceans (Crustacea)
Class : Gill pods (Branchiopoda)
Order : Clawed Tails (Onychura)
Subordination : Anomopoda
Genre : Simocephalus
Type : Flat head water flea
Scientific name
Simocephalus vetulus
( OV Müller , 1776)

The flat head water flea ( Simocephalus vetulus ) is a type of crustacean from the class of the gill pods .

The German name (common name ) for the species was reintroduced in 1973 by Heinz Streble and Dieter Krauter in their often used nature guide Das Leben im Wassertropfen (see under Evidence).

Females are up to 3 millimeters long and are dark green to brown in color. The head is tiny. It is set off from the shell above with a small indentation. The bowls are finely dotted and striated across with very long fields. The first antennas are covered by the shell caps. The second antennae have 9 bristles. The edge of the outermost bristle is bent into a hook and hardly feathered. The Furca claws have no side ridges at the base. The nauplius eye is elongated.

Simocephalus vetulus is common in the bank zones of all waters.

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