Grounds officer

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A field officer in fortresses or large garrisons was an officer whose service was limited to matters that concern the fortress or garrison itself. The commander of the fortress or garrison himself is not a field officer. There were field officers for the garrison service, the fortifications and the artillery. Field officers were usually directly subordinate to the commander - like an adjutant to the troop commander.

Garrison service

The field officer was the name of the field officer who regulated the garrison and guard duty on behalf of the commander or governor of larger cities or fortresses . The square major gave the slogan and the orders , and sometimes ordered the garrison to be billeted and troops marching through. He was responsible for the security services and the military detention centers. According to the name, the rank major originally always had the rank of major , later sometimes captain or lieutenant.


Field engineer or engineer from the field was the name of the field officer who was responsible in fortresses for everything that concerned the fortifications . He was directly subordinate to the fortress commander and usually had the rank of staff officer or captain.


Artillery officer of the court or officer of the court of artillery , also finished officer , was the one place officer in forts or garrisons with large artillery depot was responsible for everything that the artillery was concerned. He was directly subordinate to the fortress commander and had the rank of staff officer, captain or lieutenant.


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