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The Portunus Temple in Rome
Redrawing of the reconstruction of Palladio

Portunus , also Portumnus , was the god of ports in Roman mythology ( Latin portus "port", originally "door").


He was one of the oldest gods of Rome and is known as early as the 6th century BC. Occupied. His mark is the key. The feast of Portunus, the Portunalia or Portumnalia, was celebrated on August 17th . The Mater Matuta was considered his mother. Portunus was equated with the Greek god Palaimon .


The Temple of Portunus , a building from the 2nd century BC. BC, is almost completely preserved in the Forum Boarium in Rome . In 872 the temple, which was converted into a church, was consecrated to Mary of Egypt ( S. Maria in Gradelis ). Due to its good preservation, it became a model ( Ionic ) temple for the reception of antiquities during the Renaissance . At times he was attributed to Fortuna Virilis.


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