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Poseidippos of Pella ( Greek Ποσείδιππος Poseídippos , Latinized Posidippus ; * around 310 BC; † 240 BC) was a Hellenistic epigrammatist . He should not be confused with the comedy poet Poseidippus von Kassandreia .

Poseidippus came from Pella , the capital of the Kingdom of Macedonia . He studied philosophy in Athens . He lived on Samos for some time before going to Alexandria to the court of the Ptolemaic kings.

Poseidippus was friends with the poets Asklepiades and Hedylos . Twenty of his epigrams are preserved in the Greek anthology ; further poems have come down to us from Athenaios .

In 2001 a papyrus was published containing around 100 newly discovered poems by Poseidippus (around 600 verses). They concern events at the court of the Ptolemies; Epigrams on victories of Ptolemaic queens in the chariot race in Olympia are particularly revealing .



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