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Positive ( Latin positum : set, placed) stands for:

An adjective used, is positive for:

  • Colloquially: a synonym used in an evaluative way for happy , optimistic , affirmative .
  • Radio traffic: for an affirmative , in order to avoid misunderstandings
  • Math: for a property
  • Theology: one direction in German Protestantism of the imperial era, see positive (church direction)
  • Natural sciences, especially medicine: a finding that is considered evidence. The “positive” result of a cancer screening test is the detection of cancer cells in a tissue sample, the “negative” is their absence. See also positivism for the philosophy of science, which is based on this dualism.
  • Physics: positive and negative charge, see electrical charge
  • Positive sciences are free from a value judgment; they describe without evaluating. (Max Weber's postulate of freedom from value judgments).
  • Positive law is an established expression from jurisprudence.

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Wiktionary: positive  - explanations of meanings, word origins, synonyms, translations
Wiktionary: Positive  - explanations of meanings, word origins, synonyms, translations