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Skat tournaments in the form of a price skat are very common in Germany. They are mostly held by skat clubs or other local clubs.


All participants pay an entry fee, which will be paid out in the form of prizes at the end of the event. The game is played according to pre-determined skat rules . A price skat should be played according to the international skat rules so that the rules are not different everywhere. These rules have been adopted by the two largest skat associations, the German Skat Association ( DSkV) and the International Skat Players Association (ISPA).

The table occupation is determined on a price chart either according to a predefined seating plan, by means of a draw or by placing according to the number of points (from the second series).

For a lost game, the declarer has to pay a so-called "Abziehgeld" of approx. €). Fitted games can also be charged with a penalty fee. As a rule, the incentive money goes to the tournament organizer's cash register and is not distributed through the prize distribution.

The winner of a tournament is the player who has earned the most points. In addition, there are often additional prizes for the best in the women, youth and senior categories.

In addition to the compulsory individual evaluation, there may well be further evaluations as part of a price cat, for which a separate entry fee will be charged. Participation is usually optional and has no influence on the individual evaluation. The most common variants include team scoring (usually four players) and tandem or mixed scoring (two players).

Preisskat is generally not a game of chance in the sense of § 284 StGB and may therefore be played for money. This is due to the fact that Preisskat is a tournament-style game that takes place long enough to exclude categorization as a game of chance .

Individual evidence

  1. Annex to § 5a of the Gaming Ordinance . In Landmann / Rohmer, Commentary on Trade Regulations , as of January 2007 (edited by Marcks), the card games Preis bridge , -schafkopf , -doppelkopf , -skat and -tarock are explicitly mentioned in addition to price chess .